Tips to Feel Good

To feel good inside the heart is the key to stay happy, well and good with a sound health. And it gives a sense of self confidence. Let us all feel good inside our heart.

Here are some few tips that I used to practice to Feel Good.

1. One has to have a positive mind and realise that one's thoughts and attitude creates one's feelings.

2. Regular breakfast - Nutritious food improves one's mood, boosts memory and immunity.

3. Regular physical exercise (at least 30 minutes) everyday. Endorphins - feel good hormones - which are released by the brain in response to exercise improve mood, relieve stress and produce an overall feeling of wellbeing.

4. Exercise the brain by doing crosswords/puzzles, hobbies. Learn problem-solving techniques.

5. Spend times in silence.

6. Make friends, make someone feel good.

7. Learn to recognise and handle stress.

8. Take breaks/holidays.

9. Self-appreciation - reward your acheivements.

10. Accept responsibilities for your health - be regualr with health checkups, modify lifestyle as advised by the professionals.

11. Smile - a happy face has a positive effect in forming and maintaining relationships.