Blogging : NIZHAMA2

As I have the habit of surfing and looking for new blogs trying to find something new, I came across this blog NIZHAMA2. The owner is a vietnam origin and now live in Malyasia.

The blog is a storehouse of varieties of posts. But, it has large number of posts related to travel, auto, health, education, blog etc. Some of the travel spots are quite impressive. The owner has express the full details in such real and simple language that the picture of the place came right away to my eyes. And if you are also looking for something natural then you can log on to this blog. Apart from that, the blog write reviews about other blogs and it's really a good thing to do. 

The owner has also given some personal accounts and specially one post related to his three year old son Hammad is really funny. It's nice to have gone through it.

Blogging : The Indonesian Economy blog

I have a fondness for searching through the net for bloggers and blogs. I came across this blog Id-economy of which I would like to appreciate the writer. The blog is totally about the Indonesian economy. 

The writer has brought about various aspects of the Indonesian economy. Above that, the blog is provided with new updates of the market. The day-to-day daily problems have also been cited in it. The writer has also given some post related to possible solutions to the problem. I would like to say that the writer has a good humurous sense of presentation. I find it interesting and informative after going through certain posts. For an Indonesian citizen, this blog can provided majority of the information needed to keep himself or herself well informed about the country's economy.

For the owner, I would like to say that you are doing your country a great service through your blog providing informations to the people. 

Blogging : Mortgage and More Blog

Today I came accross a blog " Mortgage and More Blog ". It was great to read the articles posted by the gentlemen. The blog deals with variety of fields and the reader will find it very interesting as the author has used the most simple way of writing. 

"Mortgage and More Blog" has write many reviews about other's blog which it has visited and written coments on the blog. It's good to read all those comments. Through it, I have visited those sites also which I find to be very interesting. The blog has dealt with sports, travelling experiences, news, gadgets and many more. But, it'smain focus has been made on housing. If you are looking for something related to housing, then this blog must give you some important informations.  

The site has a great layout and is fast to load. And the gadgets with which the blog has been provided specially showing the recent visitors powered by blogcatalog is great.

Review : ShopWiki - Complete guide to online shopping

If you are looking for online shopping then you will get the quickest answer in It is the complete online shopping guide site which provides you with the best information available in the internet for the product you are looking for. Unlike the traditional shopping site that only show you stores that have PAID for placement, the shopwiki finds every stores that is available in the internet by crawling like google. 

Guides of products ranging from household items to Electronic gadgets, sports wear to game cds, coin collection to stamp collection one can find almost everything here. Check out the ShopWiki guide to Collectibles and Memorabilia, if you are  looking for the best of collections. This will give you the best buying guides to  memorabilia, collecting cards, toys, documents and currency, cigar and pipes, decorative items, natural world and other interests. 

The guide access panel of the site gives a friendly user interface. And if you register right now, you can be the lucky winner of an iPod Nano.

Travel : The Rock Garden

I was bored that day and so as my friends were. All of a sudden this thought of going to the Famous Rock Garden of Darjeeling sprang up to my mind. I was in Gangtok then. The Rock Garden was about four hours from where I was satying. We four got up, took our gogs then hired a taxi which charged fifteen hundred INR. We started at around 8.30 in the morning. It was a pleasant weather, so we took only some light clothes.

Here are some of the pictures we have taken in the Graden. We had lots of fun that day.

The Rock garden

The fall in the Rock Garden

The pavement Under the rock

With my friends

Don't jump buddy.

The tea pot

The pose

For more picture, click here .

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It also supports multiple Gmail or Google Apps email accounts from the same application.

To find out more about Gmail for mobile 2.0, check out this post on the Google Mobile blog.

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The Born Genius

This is the story of Muzakkir Sharieff, son of a poor father. He is now an avaition designer. But, how he becomes one of those is what that really matters to me.

His first design, he called it " Passion for Success (PFS-1)." It was a light combat aircraft weighing 100 kg powered by his father's Bajaj scooter engine and supported by his mother's meagre pension. All this out of his humble home in uptown Banglore. He has spent Rs. 10,000 so far on his plane, even using a couple of old chairs to support the wings. He has onlyone dream.." To fly his Passion".

He has been rewarded by HAL by offering him as a trainee in the helicopter division. And also offered to fund his education. In addition, hyderabad-based Mannan Institute of Science and Technology has offered him an engineering seat with full scholarship and hostel facilities.

It's all his inborn qualities and determination.

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Get paid for your click. I was looking out for a way to earn some dollars in extra, and in that I stumbled in a site that says “We pay for your click”. It was awesome I thought that moment. When i search for more I came to know that there is a lot of such sites. What they do is they give you ads to view for 30 secs, then the money is credited to your account. They have a minimum payout amount. It depends on the site you have registered. Then,when you have the minimum payout amount in your credit, you can cash it out to your PayPal or Alertpay account. That’s all. It’s so simple.

Featured sites 

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Travel : Somgo Lake - the paradise

Sikkim, the perfect destination for spending your summer time. I went there recently only, during my study break. We four of us, all classmates have had a great time there. We planned to go to the famous Somgo Lake of Sikkim. It is 14,000 ft above the sea level. On top of the Great Himalayan ranges there lies this lake. In winter it is all frozen and ice as thick as to support an SUV is formed on the surface of the lake. And in summer even the temperature drops to 1 degree centigrade.

Here is some of the photos I have taken along with my friends.

Way to Somgo lake

With my friends

Ads : The very basics of blogging

I started blogging only a few weeks back. I don't know anything about blogging, except that we can earn money in there. But, I don't know how. I wasn't serious at all first. But, I was bored of doing chats and orkutting only over my GPRS net connection.  I thought of giving a try to blogging. Before that I have to know what exactly I have to do and how to do it.

There is a guy in my hostel who used to do blogging. he has been doing it for around a year. He knows quite a lot better than me. And I believe those things which he told me must be the most basic steps of blogging.

Before that I would like to say that blogging is not merely for earning dollars by promoting products and services, but, it is also a platform of sharing informations which could be of help to others, expressing thoughts and ideas, sharing personal experiences, sharing knowledge etc.

Here are some easy but important tips for blogging, how to start.

First, we have to have a blog of our own. There are a lot of sites in Internet for blogging. But, not all can be trusted. There  has been a lot of complains regarding this on the matter of fake blogging sites. Some of the blogging sites where you can register your blog safely and whom I know that can be trusted are given :,

Secondly, complete your profile properly, and mind that no wrong information should be provided. Add a cool profile image. Then write a good opening post. This is going to be your first post of your blog. Better you write something about yourself and the blog  in such a way that the readers may find you as a very interesting person.
Remember that the content of the articles is the king of blogging. There are a lot of things which need to be understood for a blogger. But, don't try to do everything at just one time. Write only quality contents if you wanna have more traffic in your blog. 

Visit others blog, read them carefully, observe how they do it. And not the least, don't forget to leave a comment on his/ her article. By doing so, you are opening one more gate to your blog. The person is most likely to visit your blog, read your contents and may leave a comment too. This is very important. 

The more the visitors, the higher will be the page rank. 

Develop your blog for about two weeks, posting atleast one or more post. It's advisable that your blog should deal with  a specific field if you want to get serious about earning money in it.

Then, when your blog is good enough, you can sign up in a advertising sites for bloggers like,,,, etc. Remember, here also there are a lot of fake sites. The sites I have cited above are all trusted sites. But, they have got certain rules and criteria your blog should fulfill. Read it carefully. If any of the criteria is not fulfilled they may not approve your site and may ask you to develop it more for sometime.

Once approved, they will direct you what to do. You need to frequently check your accounts (mail account, blogger account, blogvertise account) , It's simple, I won't need to tell you, they will direct you what to do by itself.

Join sites like . This site are the common platform for the bloggers. If you have any queries or problems you can post it in the forum and within one day, they will give you what is to be done.

It's very simple. For more informations search through google, you will find a huge amount of instructions. Spare time to read all those from time to time.

These are only the basic overview. There are a lot more. I am still learning one by one.

Hope this has been of help to the new bloggers.


I was bored of the "as usual" way, passing my days sitting around and eating and sleeping. So, me and my friends thought of doing something out of normal, setting out for a small travel plan. We planned to go the the HANGING BRIDGE, to the east of my hostel block, over the mighty Doimukh river. Have heard about the bridge but,we were not aware of how it was.

Being engineering students we are far more than punctual......Yeah !! That was an irony. We started at 6 a.m., one hour late than what was planned. We five Rmen, Me, ISPtam, Rishi (with the camera) best friends for years with a sony cybershot 7.2 megapixel, set out for the quest. Well, when we get there it was well and good, the bridge was long, hovering a little with the wind, but, great.

We stepped upon it one by one, me at the last at first. Upto the middle of the bridge, it was quite good. The view of the river from above there, the fog at the far distance seemed to meet the river water at the mountian base. The view was truly rare because it was summer time, no time for the fog. We were lucky. Now, things changed with one more step ahead to where we were standing. Ahead there, there were whole lot of missing planks and the steel fibres supporting by the side was in a very bad condition. Through the missing planks we saw the violent river water passing at  speed of around 40 m/s and it was good enough to make one drifted away with it very easily. Frankly my heart was beating faster and so do my friends. But, we don't want to go back also as we would feel that we were not brave enough. We took up the challenge. We manage to cross it, taking support from the steel fibres hanging by the side, sometimes crawling, sometimes sitting . At last we succeed.

Rmen, trying to cross

See the condition

The Daredevils

There, in the middle I remembered a physical law by Newton, the theory of relativity. When I looked down the missing planks I saw the river water gushing by. But, to the difference, the bridge seemed to be moving and not the water. My eyes perceived that the river water was the reference and the bridge on where I was standing was moving. Now, that had added to our difficulty so much that I wasn't even aware of my ciggarette slipping away from my lips. After getting safely to the other side, the thought of getting back from here to that other side struck our mind.


It was a good experience and we had lots of FUN, but, we will never try it again, atleast not this one. Here is some good CliCKs we have taken