Ads : The very basics of blogging

I started blogging only a few weeks back. I don't know anything about blogging, except that we can earn money in there. But, I don't know how. I wasn't serious at all first. But, I was bored of doing chats and orkutting only over my GPRS net connection.  I thought of giving a try to blogging. Before that I have to know what exactly I have to do and how to do it.

There is a guy in my hostel who used to do blogging. he has been doing it for around a year. He knows quite a lot better than me. And I believe those things which he told me must be the most basic steps of blogging.

Before that I would like to say that blogging is not merely for earning dollars by promoting products and services, but, it is also a platform of sharing informations which could be of help to others, expressing thoughts and ideas, sharing personal experiences, sharing knowledge etc.

Here are some easy but important tips for blogging, how to start.

First, we have to have a blog of our own. There are a lot of sites in Internet for blogging. But, not all can be trusted. There  has been a lot of complains regarding this on the matter of fake blogging sites. Some of the blogging sites where you can register your blog safely and whom I know that can be trusted are given :,

Secondly, complete your profile properly, and mind that no wrong information should be provided. Add a cool profile image. Then write a good opening post. This is going to be your first post of your blog. Better you write something about yourself and the blog  in such a way that the readers may find you as a very interesting person.
Remember that the content of the articles is the king of blogging. There are a lot of things which need to be understood for a blogger. But, don't try to do everything at just one time. Write only quality contents if you wanna have more traffic in your blog. 

Visit others blog, read them carefully, observe how they do it. And not the least, don't forget to leave a comment on his/ her article. By doing so, you are opening one more gate to your blog. The person is most likely to visit your blog, read your contents and may leave a comment too. This is very important. 

The more the visitors, the higher will be the page rank. 

Develop your blog for about two weeks, posting atleast one or more post. It's advisable that your blog should deal with  a specific field if you want to get serious about earning money in it.

Then, when your blog is good enough, you can sign up in a advertising sites for bloggers like,,,, etc. Remember, here also there are a lot of fake sites. The sites I have cited above are all trusted sites. But, they have got certain rules and criteria your blog should fulfill. Read it carefully. If any of the criteria is not fulfilled they may not approve your site and may ask you to develop it more for sometime.

Once approved, they will direct you what to do. You need to frequently check your accounts (mail account, blogger account, blogvertise account) , It's simple, I won't need to tell you, they will direct you what to do by itself.

Join sites like . This site are the common platform for the bloggers. If you have any queries or problems you can post it in the forum and within one day, they will give you what is to be done.

It's very simple. For more informations search through google, you will find a huge amount of instructions. Spare time to read all those from time to time.

These are only the basic overview. There are a lot more. I am still learning one by one.

Hope this has been of help to the new bloggers.