The Born Genius

This is the story of Muzakkir Sharieff, son of a poor father. He is now an avaition designer. But, how he becomes one of those is what that really matters to me.

His first design, he called it " Passion for Success (PFS-1)." It was a light combat aircraft weighing 100 kg powered by his father's Bajaj scooter engine and supported by his mother's meagre pension. All this out of his humble home in uptown Banglore. He has spent Rs. 10,000 so far on his plane, even using a couple of old chairs to support the wings. He has onlyone dream.." To fly his Passion".

He has been rewarded by HAL by offering him as a trainee in the helicopter division. And also offered to fund his education. In addition, hyderabad-based Mannan Institute of Science and Technology has offered him an engineering seat with full scholarship and hostel facilities.

It's all his inborn qualities and determination.