Blogging : Mortgage and More Blog

Today I came accross a blog " Mortgage and More Blog ". It was great to read the articles posted by the gentlemen. The blog deals with variety of fields and the reader will find it very interesting as the author has used the most simple way of writing. 

"Mortgage and More Blog" has write many reviews about other's blog which it has visited and written coments on the blog. It's good to read all those comments. Through it, I have visited those sites also which I find to be very interesting. The blog has dealt with sports, travelling experiences, news, gadgets and many more. But, it'smain focus has been made on housing. If you are looking for something related to housing, then this blog must give you some important informations.  

The site has a great layout and is fast to load. And the gadgets with which the blog has been provided specially showing the recent visitors powered by blogcatalog is great.


October 29, 2008 at 4:16 AM The Mortgage & More Blog said...

Hey, thanks for the great review.