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Vegetable Soup For The LIttle Heart : The Delhi Metro

A young lady was sitting just in front of me. Infact, it would be more appropriate to say I was standing in front of her. It was a sunny Saturday just like another normal Saturday in Delhi Metros. With all the rush around. I also hurriedly rushed into the yellow line metro at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station. It was my good fortune that I found myself standing right in front of this lady. She seemed to be of my age putting on a girly light pink T-Shirt and a jean and she was looking really cute and classy in a simple and gentle way.

Before going any further along with my story, I just want to let my readers know that I had never had a wrong inclination towards her, and it is just another incident of my observation. But, she was pretty.

The computerized voice came in - " The next station is Chowri Bazaar, stand clear off the door." People inside were pushing trying to make their way towards the door and as the train stopped, I could see the huge rush on the other side of the door. Just as the door opened, the rush on the other side of the door was trying to get inside and the rush inside was trying to get outside. I wonder when will We the Indians learn not to use our Physical strength on everything. The door was closed somehow and the people inside got a little more stabled, but I found myself two yards away from the place where I remembered I was standing. I guessed it was not me but the classical Indian tradition of making their way pushing the others. Anyway, that's not my concern. In my place I could see an old couple with two little kids trying to balance themselves. The kids were so young that their body in not well co-ordinated to their mind to balance themselves and were just about to fell off their feet as the metro train gained velocity and momentum. Just at the perfect moment SHE lend off both her hands to support the kids and the kids were in the safe hands now. She picked both of them on her laps and made herself comfortable with the extra weight. The kids were shabbily dressed and dark but she didn't mind letting them sit on her laps. She was supporting them with both her arms and playing with the Kids' cheeks with both her hands. I could see the sparkling smile.

As usual, I found myself smiling and had to look around to see if other people were looking at me and my smile. Otherwise, they would be thinking something out of normal about me which I am not. The next station came and she made her way offering the seat to the old woman and as she moved out she gave the kids an little smile. She got off the train taking along with her a pile of passengers, offering me some more free space where I could find some more air to breathe in.

As I reached Rajiv Chowk I got a seat to sit. I took out my newly bought diary and wrote "Vegetable Soup For The Little Heart". As I recalled her She was looking even more beautiful. And this first soup is for HER.