Silence talks better than Words

This is about a moment that I and 'V' have shared together. I used to think about this all the time, specially when it is a cold winter night, late and when i'm lying on my bed, alone in my room.

Who is 'V' ? You might be having this question in your mind. Well, she was my girlfren, we broke up two years back. Yet, her memories are still alive in my mind each one of them.

I went to JORHAT, a small town in Assam, North East India. I was too eager to see her, meet her as she accepted my proposal after two long years. I met her. But, my concern is not the moments that we spent together. This post is only for that moment, in which we talked in silence.

It was the time for me to go. My bus was scheduled to leave at 6.30 pm. It was around 5.45 pm. I was there sitting in a chair in the station. I was recalling all those moments that I spent with her during the day. I had to stay only for a day as I was having exams coming up. All the memories were lingering around me. I was missing her so much. I wished to listen to her voice just once last time before leaving. 

That time I wasn't using cellphones neither did she. She was staying in the Hostel. So, I called up from a local Phone boot to her Hostel Phone. her room was on the far side of the hostel. And I never expect her to be the first to pick upthe called. I still remember clearly, it was at the end of the fifth ring, the receiver was picked up. I heard a familiar voice, and Lo.... it was her. She was waiting for my call. She said nothing else and then started crying. I felt her tears rolling down her cheeks. I couldn't say anything nor did dhe do. I was silent and neither she spoke a word more. 

Now it was more than 40 minutes without a single word. It was 6.28 pm and the bus had already arrived and all the passengers were onboard except for me. They were calling me. But, I couldn't say anything to her, i couldn't even move. Even in silence I can hear her telling me not to go. And I am sure that she must have felt that I don't want to go either. 

All of a sudden she broke her silence and said in a very weak voice "Your bus must be waiting, go safely, I am there by your side. I LOVE YOU". If she didn't break her silence I would have surely miss the bus. I give her a smooch and said goodnight and stepped onboard the bus. Whole journey I felt as if she was sitting by my side, leaning her head over my shoulder. Sometimes I would look over as if it were for real.

Though it has been quite a time, the moment is still fresh in my mind. But, I don't know how did she knew that the bus was waiting for me. She was in her hostel and that's quite far from the station. We spoke no words, yet we were talking to each other in silence. May be it was " Silence talks better than Words  ". 

We are no more together. But, she is still a part of me.