A Personal Account

This last five days have shown me how life is going to be after I pass out from my College. I realized the world is going really fast. After this semester, I have got only one more semester to go. After that I'll be called an A grade Mechanical Engineer, ofcourse my percentage is quite good till now. Even if I do prettty bad in the next semester, it's not pull me down atleast below the A grade line. 

I think studying engineering is one of the most safest option if you're looking for an easy study. I got the prestigious selection in this Govt. of India funded NERIST. It's not bad at all. When I was in first year i was quite a sincere students, it was a habit though, as my mom is pretty strict and She has been a nightmare for me when I was in School. Thanks MOM, otherwise I won't have this percentage. I'm not saying that I'm still sincere or studying regularly, that scope is totally out of focus for the time being. 

OOps!! my story if getting off the track. I was talking about the world changing rapidly, and I realized today only. 

In the last five days, I completed 30 assignments, 3 seminar reports of atleast 30 pages each, a training dairy of 100 pages, and have given 3 seminars. In each seminar I have shown around 30 slides accounting 90 slides in total. Why I'm mentioning this is that I want the readers to imagine the time and efforts that i must have given to read the reports, sort out the points and put them in the slides. Above these I have been having internal assesment test continuously in these five days. I couldn't explain How have I done it and I don't want to get through those memories again. It'll be a nightmare. I have slept for only 10 hours in total in these five days. And this is making me sick. I'm surely going to a long sleep after this write up.

Before these five days, the whole semester I did nothing except for watching movies, blogging, chatting, and playing badminton. My major exam is starting day after tomorrow, that is on the 1st november 2008. Till now I have not read even a single chapter of any of the courses. What I know is the names of the courses only. (I have been following this routine for the last two years after I got broke up with my 'V'. She is ex though, I still prefer to called her as mine, kind of fondness)

That's why I said engineering is really easy to study if you have some knowledge of Mathematics.

I'm going for the sleep. Good night readers.