Love : "My Idea of a Perfect First Date "

I don't think there can be anything more romantic for me than this !!

This girl "Venus", I have got my crush on her and her only. I saw her only once. But, felt something like I know her long time ago. She was such a pretty. I always had felt to capture every moment of her in camera. But, I don't have camera at that time, so can't do it.

I was after her for more than two years, then only she gave me the green signal. She was studying in some other place and I studied in another place. So, that evening itself when she said  I got into the bus and headed towards her place. It was the midst of Winter cold and I only with a jacket and a warm trouser, was filled with too much of enthusiasm. I was never allowed to travel alone, even for some few miles by my parents. They were too concerned about my safety as I was their only son. But, I don't know how I got the courage to go there. The place was totally unknown to me, only I know that her College was some 30.00 mins distance from the bus stop. I reached the place at 12.06 a.m. It was dark and very cold. I never thought that I could be that much cold. I was shivering hard. There was only one taxi and I ran towards it. I ask him to take me to the college in such a way that I know the place very well. Otherwise, I was scared that I may get thugged. 

It took around 30.00 mins to reach her college. I thought that there should be some hotels around the campus as it was quite a reputed college. I was thinking of spending the night in it if I get one. But, all of a sudden when I saw nothing like a hotel, I felt the cold more severely. It seemed like all my blood were frozen inside my arteries and vein. There were two security person at the gate. They were fighting the cold night with a small fire from firewoods. I walked upto them and ask if I can find a hotel nearby. The response, I knew it from before. They asked me what work do I have here. I lied that I had come to meet a friend. And to make it more real I added I can't go the hostels also as I don't exactly know which block and room number. They ask me to take the comfort of the fire with them. We talked for some minutes. Then one of them invited me to the security quater to spend the night there. I agreed as I felt good about them, and they seem to be harmless. I spend the night there in their quater. Then in the morning he dropped me to the PCO as I told him.

Now, one thing I didn't tell you before. My girlfriend doesn't know that I was coming there to meet her. I wanted this to be her first gift. I called her from the public call phone and told her "I will be waiting at the gate of your hostel." She was damned shocked. She didn't beleive me at first. Then I went to her hostel and was waiting for her outside the gate. She, after a little while came down. That moment was one of my most precious moment and will be one the bests. She was so pretty, wearing a purple SALWAR, with a silver earings with blue jems on it. She wore a light pink lipstick and her hair was a little wet. She might have came just after the bath. Nothing could have been more beautiful than her at that moment...........

I spend the whole day with her. She took me to many places she knew of. She make me feel that she loves me a lot and that was enough for me to live with.

This is my Perfect First Date. It was on the 31st of december, 2005. See I still remember everything. 


October 6, 2008 at 3:27 AM keijel said...

wow!!!!!tamo dijen.....u still remember!!!

October 6, 2008 at 3:51 AM keijel said...

damn brother, u r too friend says, "wow!!!!!he can still remember even the tiny blue gem that she was wearing,,,how romantic.....hmmmm,,,,LUCKY GIRL".