Nature : " The Morning SUN "

I watch the morning sun today. I have heard many a times that the morning sun, just emerging from the horizon is breathtaking. I also felt that it should be very beautiful, but never ever thought of experiencing it personally. I defied myself from the heavenly feeling, knowingly or unknowingly. Today, I have felt the heavenly touch, when the the first Sun-Ray from the sun struck my eyes. I felt proud within myself because I can say that " for today the SUN is mine". I am the first person on this earth that the SUN met for this day. 

The first Ray the struck me has lighten up the darkest corner of me. I have tried for many a times to feel whole again. But, that Ray has done the magic in just one moment. Now, I feel whole all over again. I feel the light, deep inside me. I feel as if I am blessed by the mother nature

I will never forget this experience .