Thoughts : " Dare to think "

Guys, how many of us have seen about our lives from the eyes of someone else ? Well, I hope, very few of us did it. We see our lives only through our eyes. Imagine, you are on the top of a mountain and you can see each and everyone in this world, can see everything about everyone. You keep your obsevation upon them. Then, you will find that, each and every human being is living the same life, same course, same problems, and same solutions to them also. the only different is the appearance. It is just like the same old chair, repainted every year. but, the chair is the same chair, even if we paint it with different colours. 

We are born, grew up, study in the meantime, enters adulthood, fall in love, get married, bear children, bring them up, get old and then die. This was the most macroscopic overview of our life. Okay, let’s consider one part of it. Say, love….. We meet someone. Then we started talking, develop feelings for each other. Then we say, we are in love. We talk about doing this and that for each other, romantic talks and then physical intimacies etc.  Sometimes we get into some arguments, then we fight. After sometime again, we realizes our mistakes and get back into the realtionship as normal. Then the same routine follows every week. At times,got break up also. Then, we meet someone else, does the same thing all over again. Or incase, no break up, then they got married, bear children and so on……

This is the same for almost all of us,everyone in this world. Are we not bored of these same old thing ??

Think about it. Give your comments. Looking forward for your opinions.