Which iPod ?

The very impressive Apple iPod lineup has dominated the digital music player market ever since the first iPod hit the streets in 2001. And that lead continues as Apple keeps on adding more impressive features and storage space to their iPod models while maintaining the thin and sleek look. And if you are planning to purchase an iPod and not able to decide among the various iPod models like Shuffle, Nano, Classic or the new iPod Touch,   then follow up the iPod Buying guide that compares all the new iPod models to help you pick the best iPod for your needs.


The iPod shuffle is ideal when you want to gift someone an iPod but do not have a big budget. The shuffle is small and wearable so you can easily clip it to your sleeve or the coin pocket of your trousers - a perfect choice for joggers or people who frequent the gym. With 1GB of storage, iPod shuffle weighs just around 15g. iPod Shuffle Specifications.

The new iPod Nano, one of the best sellers, can now play video on their 2” colored screen in addition to photo slideshows and music. With the recent update, Nano models have become slightly shorter and wider. The Cover Flow feature lets you flip through your music album covers visually through the Click Wheel. Nano is available in 4GB and 8GB models and weighs around 50g. iPod Nano specification.

iPod Classic is much like the iPod Nano except for the storage size – Classic comes in 80GB and 160GB variants enough to store even your full length high resolution DVD movies. The screen size is slightly bigger at 2.5” but they weigh around 150g which is like 3x that of a Nano. iPod Classic specification.

The new and very gorgeous iPod Touch with a large 3.5” display and touch screen QWERTY keyboard, this is the most innovative iPod ever. The inbuilt Wi-Fi and Safari Browser in iPod Touch lets you surf the web in any hotspot. iPod Touch specification.

With so many choices, which iPod would you now go for? The solution is simple. Log on to the SHOPWIKI and check out for the specifications you want to have on your iPod.