The Sixth Sense Told Me About My Death

These thought has always been with me since I gained senses. I have always wondered about death and have never been that much attached to life. Infact, i have always sensed and believed that i would die at the age of 40, exactly on my birthdate. Now, if somebody ask my why so, I DON'T HAVE THE DAMN ANSWER. It is just something like a voice from my inner soul and it has never been wrong with me. Whatever that I have felt has always came true. May be I have got a stronger sixth sense. 

I hope this one is also going to come true. As evidence, I will narrate some incidents that have been part of my life. 

1. When i was in the second year of my Engineering, I felt down from a 10 meter high ladder with my face on the ground. That morning I still remember I had so many slips from my hand, almost broke a dozen of glasses. Then, in the afternoon, I slipped from the ladder and I almost died.  

2. This second incident in the list has been my most painful day till now. In the morning, I felt something not right within. I had no problems at that time, everything was going so well. But, still something very bad kept me occupied the whole day. While I was returning from class, that maroon coloured checked half shirt that my girlfriend gave me got torned out of nowhere. I loved that shirt and she was my whole world ( Ofcourse, my parents are there in their place). In the late evening she called me up as usual. But, that one was for a different purpose. She decided to leave me, it came just like a 100000 million volt lightning to me. I got dumped ( feel sorry for myself saying this, but fact is fact ). U won't believe, I slept for two whole days after taking 15 sleeping pills that night. (I was a great fool I agree and readers please leave no comments for my stupidity, i'm already aware of that )

3. The summer vacation this year, i had to cancel my ticket for the journey back to home because of ankle fracture while playing badminton in the morning that day itself. The next morning i heard the same bus got overturned and fell into the river. 

There are a number of cases like these and it will take atleast three days if I were to write all about those. These are the major incidents. And I belief, my dear readers might be convinced that my sixth sense is quite strong. 

Now, my point is that, if these have been all true then the belief and the sense of the death at 40 will also be true. To add to it, here is another fact. At the age of 21 I was diagnosed of ALS meaning Amyotropic lateral Schlerosis and death occurs due to the failure of respiratory organs. Now, my readers may say that I will survive this one too as I have been surviving all the others. Yeah, I will ask the same, but this one is different as I felt I am dying unlike those in which I felt I will be alright. 

Whatever, I am just sharing my feelings with my readers. God knows the fate, not me.